DONE WAS FOUNDED by Mark Baker-Sanchez in the fall of 2018 while he was attending the Communication Design program at the University of North Texas. The initiative originally began as a research paper in his English Composition class about the injustices that BIPOC experience in the fashion industry. It then transformed into a collaborative fine art project about identity, morphed into a self-promotional advertising campaign, and eventually bloomed into a digital magazine on Instagram. Now in print, DONE has been nothing short of a complex self & community-discovering journey with Mark having run it by himself since its original manifestation.
“Instead of waiting for a platform that provided space & authentic representation of myself as well as people like me, I started one,” said Mark. “DONE began as a way for me to communicate my life as a man of many colors — Multiethnic, Queer, God fearing — unable to fit into social categories. For the longest time, I thought I had to fit to feel accepted but it hurt when I couldn’t, especially when I tried to force it. I’ve learned that my existence — my self-expression — is not dependent on validation from anyone. I’m DONE being marginalized. DONE obsessing over & feeling like I’m not Black enough, Brown enough, Latinx enough, White enough, Queer enough, Christian enough. By not fitting in, I realized my idiosyncrasies that empowered me to see my beautiful, distinctive, authentic self.” Learn more about the origins & progression of DONE by viewing its case study on Mark’s portfolio here. Scroll down to learn a little bit more about Mark as well. ■

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“Instead of waiting for a platform that provided space & authentic representation of myself as well as people like me, I started one.”
—Mark baker-sanchez
MARK BAKER-SANCHEZ is a visual strategist & communication designer combining eloquent storytelling with conceptual design, heightening awareness around those yet to be seen or heard. He is the Founder, Editor-In-Chief & Design Director of DONE. His human-centered approaches prioritize direct community impact — elevating and empowering brands as well as the people who rely on them. As a man of many colors, Mark finds synthesis with what is and isn’t socially acceptable to spark dialogue as well as unite divided peoples. He currently works in the ad tech space with some of the world’s most well-known brands. At the same time, he enjoys collaborating with local creatives to tell stories and is working towards having his own communication design + publishing house practice. Learn more about him & his work here

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Photographed by KENT BARKER  /  Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe Styling by CINDY GREGG  /  Photography Studio FLOCC
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