CHANGE CAN HAPPEN when diverse individuals participate and interact with one another. However, diversity must not be a trend — it must be genuine for a true inclusive shift. Social constructs no longer veil us. We are DONE being excluded. ■
Mark Baker-Sanchez is the founder & Editor-In-Chief of DONE. Aside from advocacy through design, he works as a Strategy & Design Coordinator for Jun Group and enjoys reading oversized coffee table books, geeking over typography, doing yoga and buying new trench coats. Find him on InstagramLinkedIn & discover his portfolio here.
Iliana Baker-Sanchez is the Editor-at-Large for DONE. She likes anime & manga. Most of her days include reading, writing, drawing, and playing games. She pursues a career in Journalism while pushing to become a civil rights lawyer. You can usually find her admiring Japanese cultures all day long or sleeping. Follow her on Instagram.

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