I wonder
if White therapists with POC patients feel like professional peacemakers for White privilege or like
the ultimate ally.
As if the degree they acquired is enough
to apologize for racism and colorism and homophobia and hate crimes and the consecration camps AmeriKKKa has children in at the border and Trump’s dumb self...and so on and so forth.
And still to this day
what is a Black girl’s purpose in this current world if she ain’t the next NO BETTER than Beyoncé?
Better than Serena Williams,
Better than Michelle and Barack Obama.
She better be a diamond in the rough or a pearl or an athlete; a singer; a dancer; a doctor with a cure or a Black Panther with an answer.
She better be better than our culture’s best.
If she lacks promise in becoming a prosperous and profitable, pretty and perfect, public person(s) of color will anybody notice her?
Would a White therapist help her feel
If she can afford one. 
Troi Speaks is an emerging multimedia artist originally from Van Nuys, California, currently focusing on abstract painting and poetry. Her works are mainly centered around emotional responses and reflections about living; both in general and as a queer Black woman. Right now she is in the process of honing her skills and expanding her comfort zones. Ultimately, she intends to turn her artistry into a career that emphasizes self-care & nature through educationally therapeutic studio workshops in various mediums. Follow her on Instagram.

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