ALCHEMISTS WANTED TO transform materials into more valuable objects, such as lead into gold. Their practices led to the development of pharmacology and the rise of modern chemistry. The idea of alchemy is translated into the collection through an aesthetic that mixes elements from two cultures — European & Mongolian — to create unique combinations.
“Perfection is Spiritual beauty that can be achieved Through meditation.”
The Alchemist collection is a symbolic expression of Augie’s personal beliefs and her spirituality. Purity is expressed through white in both the mind and soul while the black line details represent the journey or path of one’s life. The woman that wears AUGIE is someone who has a sense of their physical and spiritual self; someone who doesn’t feel the need to completely stand out in a crowd, yet is still interested in unique shapes and expertly tailored forms. For the AUGIE woman, perfection is spiritual beauty that can be achieved through meditation.
The SS21 campaign visualizes a woman in a contemplative state — meditation is valuable to her for gaining and maintaining spiritual beauty. The outlook of her physical appearance is in tandem with her unseen character, while the clothing she chooses to wear is an extension of her humble beliefs in universal beauty and artistic expression. ■
Born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Otgontuul Sanjaa started studying fashion and pattern design at the El Centro Community College of Dallas in 2010. After, she decided to continue her studies at the University of North Texas, graduating in 2020. At UNT, Otgontuul participated in multiple group art and fashion shows while winning many awards. She has been making clothes and prints with a modern & minimalistic approach under her brand name, AUGIE, since 2014. Aside from designing, Otgontuul likes to read, meditate and experiment with different mediums such as collaging, screen-printing, writing, painting and drawing. Follow her on Instagram & more of her works can be found on her website.
Mark Baker-Sanchez is the founder & Editor-In-Chief of DONE. Aside from advocacy through design, he works as a Strategy & Design Coordinator for Jun Group and enjoys reading oversized coffee table books, geeking over typography, doing yoga and buying new trench coats. Find him on InstagramLinkedIn & discover his portfolio here.
Belinda Barbosa is a creative living in Dallas,TX. She owns and runs a shop with her husband, Javier, called Quatro Y 20. Together they focus on denim repair and operate their independent optical. When she isn’t working the shop, she shoots content and e-commerce photos for luxury retail stores. She enjoys listening to records and creating chainstitch embroidery on her vintage Singer 114w103 machine. Follow her on Instagram & LinkedIn.
Katherine Stiles is an artist based in Texas. She graduated from the University of North Texas with a BFA in Drawing & Painting. Her work explores the relationships between the nuances of color, shape, and the viewer. Find her work on her website or on Instagram.

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