WE HAVE ALL been enduring times of extreme uncertainty and upheaval. It has not been easy for many to make a living anymore. People are struggling and have it harder than ever — some are barely hanging on. The coronavirus pandemic has separated us from our loved ones, racism has led to horrific hate crimes, and politics has divided groups more than ever.
Everything we’ve experienced in 2020 — and already into 2021 with the capital riots — has taken a major toll on our mental health and it may be carried into the future if we suppress it. How much more can our psyche take? Well, a lot. But we’re not designed to withstand harsh blows all the time, or even at once. If anything has become apparent over the course of this year, it’s that our connections with one another are precious — and that having a good relationship with ourselves has become especially important for our mental health and quality of life.
“The traumas of the underrepresented have spiked yet so has the dire need to make ourselves heard. And we will be heard.”
In this ISSUE, we shed light on the stories of people who persevere despite all they’ve been through and are currently going through to uplift and empower anyone who is hurting. Their willingness to speak up; to share their experiences is honorable and I hope their courage may inspire you to speak as well as LIVE your truth. The traumas of the underrepresented have spiked yet so has the dire need to make ourselves heard. And we will be heard. Thank you to the incredibly talented and passionate creatives who contributed their time and work for this release. I also thank our readers & supporters for their unending love!
Mark Baker-Sanchez is the founder & Editor-In-Chief of DONE. Aside from advocacy through design, he works as a Strategy & Design Coordinator for Jun Group and enjoys reading oversized coffee table books, geeking over typography, doing yoga and buying new trench coats. Find him on InstagramLinkedIn & discover his portfolio here.
Jazmín Ramirez is a freelance photographer and coffee professional. She currently works for Gifted in Fort Worth, TX where she styles & photographs numerous products from small makers. On her down time, you can find her making a tasty pour over at home and finding new inspiration from her favorite Kinfolk magazine. Follow her on Instagram.

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